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Engine Protection Cover in Auto Insurance Must Know

Engine Protection Cover in Auto Insurance Must Know

Engine Protection Cover in Auto Insurance: if you are finding to know more about engine protection then here you can find what is engine protection cover in auto insurance, engine protection cover.

What is Engine Protection

 The engine repair due to water ingression costs him a huge amount of Rs 95,000 and the auto insurance cover he bought last year, did not pay for these engine repair expenses. Rajesh did not have to pay this huge engine repair cost from his pocket if he had opted for ‘Engine Protection Add-on Cover’. The insurance company would pay the entire cost for engine repairs or replacement.

What Engine Protection Cover offers

The engine protection cover protects you financially when your vehicle is encountered in the following situations:
  • Leakage of lubricating oil: Oil lubricates the engine, and it helps to cool the engine. Sometimes your vehicle develops an oil leak through which you could lose all your oil, which leads to engine damage. It’s wise to treat an oil leak as soon as possible. With engine protection cover, expenses against repair done due to the leakage of lubricating oil are covered.
  • Water ingression: If a car is restarted amidst waterlogging, it would lead to the engine damage. Water ingression is a major problem causing havoc with electrical systems in your vehicle and there is no engine that has the immunity against it. By choosing this add-on, you will get coverage for expenses against damages caused due to ingression of water in engine & its parts.
  • Gearbox damages: When it comes to hassles you face in your vehicle, gearbox problem is the known one. The lack of proper fluid level or impurities lead to gear shifting issues and if you continue ignoring this issue, it would damage the gearbox which is quite expensive to repair. Expenses incurred for the repair done for damages due to gearbox malfunction are covered.
  • Hydrostatic lock: Hydrostatic lock occurs when your vehicle’s engine comes in contact with water. Water prevents the engine from starting and make the vehicle into a static position. When you repeatedly try to start a wet engine, it will lead to the engine failure of your vehicle. The damages caused are covered under the engine protection cover.

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What is not included under Engine Protection Cover

An engine protection cover proves extremely beneficial, especially during monsoon. However, there are some conditions that are not covered under this policy.
  • Force start: The engine is designed to shut down when it is wet. However, if you try to force start your vehicle when it is submerged under the water, it can cause serious damages to the engine. It is considered as an intentional move of damaging the engine and thus not covered.
  • Consequential damages: Driving your car with a damaged bonnet, due to which the lubricating oil leaked into the engine causing it damaged. As the damage of the engine is not directly caused by the accident and thus it will not be covered.
  • Validity: This add-on cover does not offer cover for an unlimited number of claims and you need to read the policy terms to ascertain the number of times your claims will be admissible.
  • Age: The engine protection add-on does not offer cover for cars more than 5-year-old.

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